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Homemade Soup of the day £4.95
Topped with crispy croutons and served with warm French bread.

Mixed Olives with Crispbread   V  gf opt    £4.95

Prawn Marie Rose  gf  opt    £6.50
Royal Greenland prawns, shredded Iceberg lettuce, diced tomato and cucumber coated in Marie Rose sauce dusted with paprika. served with granary bread & butter.

Creamy Mushroom Pot  with bacon £6.50    without bacon  £5.95
Mushrooms sauteed in garlic butter, finished with cream and served with warm French bread and garnished with mixed leaves.

Hot N' Kickin Chicken Wings  £6.50

Crispy Coated Whitebait £6.50
Deep fried whitebait coated in crispy fine breadcrumbs, served with a lemon wedge, buttered granary bread and mixed leaves to garnish.

Homemade Pate £6.50  gf opt
Chef's own liver and Brandy pate served with crisp bread slices and chutney and served with a crisp mixed leaf garnish.

Butterfly King Prawns £6.75
King prawns coated in breadcrumbs lightly fried, served on a bed of shredded lettuce with a lemon wedge and finished with a sweet chilli sauce.

Garlic Slices
Slices of French bread topped with garlic and parsley butter £2.95
Or "cheesy "garlic" bread £3.25

Main Dishes


All our steaks are local prime quality beef and weight is prior to cooking.
8 oz Fillet Steak £18.95
8 oz Sirloin Steak £17.95
8 oz Rump Steak £16.95
12 oz Rib Eye Steak £20.95

(All steaks cooked to your personal choice)
Sauces to accompany your steaks £2.95
Au poivre - Brandy, whole green peppercorns and cream.
Stilton- Whisky, stilton and cream

Surf and Turf £21.95
8 oz fillet steak cooked to your liking, topped with peeled tiger prawns, sautéed in garlic butter.


Mixed Grill £18.25
A selection of a lamb cutlet, slice of gammon, sirloin steak, 2 pork sausages, liver and topped with a fried egg.

Lamb Chops £11.95
Three prime lamb chops grilled and served with mint sauce.

Gammon Steak £11.95
12 oz Gammon steak topped with a pineapple ring or fried egg. Or Both  £12.95
All grills are served with grilled tomato, mushrooms and deep fried onion rings.


BBQ Rack Of Ribs  £10.95
A tender rack of pork ribs marinated in smoked barbeque sauce and oven baked.

Chicken and Mushroom Stroganoff £12.95
Strips of chicken sauteed with mushrooms, onions and paprika and finished with brandy and cream served with white rice.

Smothered Chicken £12.95  gf opt
A succulent chicken supreme gently grilled, topped with bacon and cheese smothered in a tasty BBQ or creamy Stilton sauce.


Whitby Breaded Scampi £10.95
Whole tail Scampi, deep fried until golden and garnished with a fresh lemon wedge.

Local Farmed Trout £11.95
A succulent whole trout grilled and glazed with parsley butter and fresh lemon juice.

Local Beer Battered Fish of the Day £11.95
A large fillet of local fresh fish cooked in a real ale batter.

Smoked Haddock Provancale £11.95
A fresh fillet of haddock gently poached and topped with a rich cheese sauce.

All dishes accompanied with chips and salad or fresh seasonal vegetables and potatoes of the day.

Oriental Dishes

Tiger Prawn Balti  £11.75
Large tiger prawns cooked in a balti sauce of onions, peppers, mushrooms and spices served on a bed of pilau rice and a poppadom.

Chicken Korma £11.25
Tender strips of chicken cooked in a delicate mild and creamy sauce using coconut, almond and mild mixed spiced to create this tasty flavoured dish served with pilau rice and a poppadom.

Five Bean Chilli  £9.95  V gf Vegan
A combination of mixed beans, chunky carrots, onions, mushrooms and mushrooms in a chilli sauce, seasoned with herbs and spices, served on a bed of wild rice.

Vegetarian Dishes

Broccoli and Cream Cheese Bake £9.95
Delicious combination of broccoli and cream cheese sauce topped with sliced potatoes coated with melted cheese.

Stilton and Mushroom Bake £9.95
Creamy button mushrooms cooked in white wine and finished with an enticing creamy Stilton sauce, topped with breadcrumbs and cheese and gently grilled.

Above meals served with a choice of fresh seasonal vegetables and potatoes chips and salad or warm French bread and salad.

Vegetable Balti £9.95
A fresh variety of seasonal vegetables, cooked with sliced onions and mushrooms in a balti sauce to create a spicy curry, served with white rice and a poppadom.

Sweet Pepper Lasagne £9.95
Sweet peppers in a rich tomato sauce layered with lasagne, topped with a creamy mushroom and gruyere sauce served with French bread and a salad garnish,


Salmon and Prawn Fusilli £11.95
Strips of smoked salmon and prawns cooked in a creamy white wine and dill sauce combined with tri colour pasta twists, topped with breadcrumbs and cheese and gently grilled, served with French bread and a salad garnish.

Chicken and Bacon Fusilli £11.95

Extra Portions (to accompany main meals)

Onion Rings £2.50
Coleslaw £1.95
Roll and Butter 90 p
Mixed vegetables £2.50

Chips £2.25
Cheesy Chips £2.95
Curly Fries £2.75

Jacket Potatoes
served with mixed leaves and coleslaw.


Cheese £6.50
Cheese and Baked Beans £6.75
Tuna (with or without mayonnaise) £6.75
Greenland prawns (mayonnaise or Marie Rose) £6.95  and smoked salmon £6.95


Welsh Rarebit       topped with bacon  £5.95       topped with tomato £5.50
Mature Cheddar cheese mixed together with mustard & seasoning, served on a wedge of toasted farmhouse bread.

Sausages in French Bread £5.95
Three prime pork sausages in hot French stick, served with salad garnish.

Ham, Egg and Chips £8.75
Sliced local cooked ham topped with two fresh farm eggs and served with chips.

Sausage, Egg and Chips £8.75
Three prime pork sausages, served with two fresh farm eggs and chips.

Omelettes Plain £7.50 Filled £8.95

Omelettes made with fresh farm eggs, cream and seasoning. Plain or filled with your own choice of filling and served with chips and a salad garnish.

A portion of Chips £2.25
Cheesy Chips £2.95
A portion of Curly Fries £2.75


Homemade 100% prime minced beef burgers with onions and peppers, served in a freshly toasted bap. All served with chips and salad garnish.

Plain £8.95
Or topping of :
Cheese £9.50
Cheese and Bacon £9.95
Stilton £9.95
Bacon topped with BBQ sauce £9.95
Creamy Garlic Mushroom £9.95

Char-grilled Chicken Burger £9.95
A fresh chicken supreme char-grilled and served in a freshly toasted bap.


A fresh selection of salad ingredients including homemade coleslaw served with French bread or new potatoes to accompany your choice of:

Mature Cheddar £9.95
Tuna (plain or with mayonnaise) £9.95
Local cooked Ham £9.95

Chicken Caesar Salad £10.95

Strips of fresh chicken supreme and crispy streaky bacon topped with baby gem leaves and a tasty caesar dressing topped with shavings of parmesan cheese and crispy croutons.

Smoked Salmon & Prawn Ceasar Salad £10.95

Ploughman's Platter All at £8.50

Mature Cheddar
Local cooked Ham
Chef's own Liver and Brandy Pate
All served with a whole tomato, 'chunk' of cucumber, pickle onion. wedge of apple. French or farmhouse (thick sliced) bread accompanied by Branston pickle.


Freshly made sandwiches on locally baked granary or white bread

Mature cheddar cheese £4.50
Tuna (plain or with mayo) £4.50
Roast chicken  £4.95
Locally cooked ham  £4.95
Greenland prawns (with mayo or marie rose) £5.95
Scottish smoked salmon £5.95
Grilled bacon £4.95

Toasted ham and cheese £5.25

Grilled bacon, ice burg lettuce, sliced tomato and mayonnaise on farmhouse bread £5.50

Steak french stick
4 oz sirloin steak garnished with onion rings or fried onions £5.95

Steak and Stilton French stick
As above topped with slices of stilton £6.25

Sausages in French Bread Three grilled pork sausages in warm French bread, with onions and served with mixed leaves to garnish.



Chicken & Sweet chilli sauce  £5.95

Cheddar & Chutney   £5.25

Ham & Brie    £5.95


Coffee and biscuit £2.25
Tea and biscuit £1.50

Hot chocolate £2.25  with cream £2.50

A Selection of Liqueur Coffees £4.95


Allergy information for all our food dishes is available upon request.  We are unable to guarantee that any dish is 100% free of any nuts as they are used in our kitchen.

As we cook all our food to order there may be a delay during busy periods.


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