Breckland - outstanding natural beauty around The Angel Inn at Larling
Discover the Brecks

You will be amazed to discover the Brecks, one of the great natural areas of Britain.

Covering an area of 370 square miles of countryside across Norfolk and Suffolk in the heart of East Anglia, the Brecks is a place of strange beauty and hidden stories which go back to the Stone Age.

Take time out to:

  • Walk, cycle or ride the ancient trackways and peaceful forest trails
  • Immerse yourself in the heathland and forest nature reserves and enjoy the outstanding wildlife
  • Visit the many fine historic buildings and sites which reflect the time when the Brecks was the flint capital of Britain.

After a great day out you can enjoy a meal and stay at The Angel Inn at Larling - at the heart of The Brecks.

There is sure to be something to suit your choice, budget and special needs. Tel 01842 760116


The Angel Inn Freehouse

Larling Norfolk NR16 2QU

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